Artificial intelligence

Model development to scalable deployment for data driven insights

Our strategy

We understand your business requirements and scope to come up with a data strategy. We analyse your data and create visualizations to have a detail understanding of your data. We then build AI solutions using cutting edge technologies that will empower you with data driven as well as explainable insights. We layout project milestones and build your solutions in agile manner by keeping you engaged with our release cycles. After model is developed and validated as per the business need, we deploy the model or provide dashboards to you.

Custom delivery

We specialize in deploying AI models and solutions on cloud as well as edge. We provide fully scalable API packaged hosting for AI on cloud as well as support embedding AI models at edge locations like a mobile app. For consulting projects, we build data visualization dashboards for you to get insights and generate further reports.

Technical experts

We have data scientists in our team with experience in developing data driven insights for various industries. We are comfortable in working with structured tabular data and timeseries as well as unstructured data like images, video and text. We work with cutting edge technologies in AI like deep learning, Random Forest and XgBoost. We have a pre-built vision engine with a wide variety of applications.

Why Us?


Leverage our AI engine trained on variety of datasets to get solutions quickly

Agile development

We engage with you regularly to make sure that the final solution meets your expectations


Deploy AI models on cloud, generate a dashboard or get a custom report